Business Enquiry

If you are a highly motivated individual who wants to be in charge of his/her own future, Abacus franchise could be the most rewarding investment opportunity you have ever considered.

If you

1. Enjoy interactions with students and parents

2. Skilled at marketing and business development

3. Resourceful and multi-tasking individuals

4. Strong communication and interpersonal skils

In order to help each and every individual of this nation in getting proper education and business opportunity, we have come up with all new programme of Abacus/Midbrain/Robotics/DMIT franchise in Australia and Overseas. This programme is helping us to reach to almost every existing individual in this country who is willing to learn and do business. With the most effective and unique programme, we are helping various entrepreneurs to start their own business on educational grounds and gain maximum profits out of minimum investments. The Einstein Kidz Abacus franchise providers in Australia are providing world class opportunity to the dynamic housewives who are willing to come of their houses and work for the betterment of their family members and are also willing to do something in the favor of society as well.

We are also offering extremely best in class opportunities for those people who are already into the business of proving education and are enjoying a good reputation in the market. Yes there are a number of opportunities for already existing business owners also which can help them grow on both monetary levels and acceptance levels.

This franchise business model offered by Abacus franchise providers in Australia is extremely new and only a few people are known about this concept of business growth. This concept involves a very less amount of monetarily investment and provides extreme gains and benefits to the owner of the franchise. In short, with the help of Abacus franchise in Australia from Einstein Kidz Abacus, you are allowed to do business with a brand name which is already established and is well accepted among the people.

For getting this world class Abacus franchise in Australia and Overseas, you are just required to have the keenness towards growth and ability to teach the students in the best possible manner after getting proper training for the same. Along with all this, you just need to have a proper amount of space in order to execute the business in an authentic manner.

What attributes will I need?

1. Enjoy working with children and parents.

2. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

3. The ability to create and manage a centre that effectively motivates children.

4. A good understanding of your area of opportunity and strong ties to the community.

5. Teaching background helpful, but not essential.

6. Passion to succeed.

7. Comply with EKA’s terms and conditions to operate a franchise.


1. Specialized training in our program(s).

2. Teacher kit ( Including Master Abacus )

3. Regular meetings.

4. Information sessions.

5. Study material(student kits)

6. Exam papers for the students

7. Certificates for every level

8. Online Marketing

9. Flyers, flexes and other supported material needs for Marketing.

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